California Advocacy

The CCBN actively engages on legislative issues affecting community banking in the state and is led by a top ranked lobbying firm in Sacramento, which works to build relationships with key legislators on behalf of the organization.  We fight for community banks and community bank issues only, unlike other banking trade groups in the state that have dual messages and serve several audiences.  We work with lawmakers, regulators and policy-setting boards to protect the interests of community banks by monitoring and influencing numerous issues that will affect community banks and their customers.

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Federal Advocacy

Closely coordinating with the ICBA in Washington D.C., the CCBN formulates positions on important federal legislation. CCBN members and staff attend various political fund-raising events held in the state and advocate our political goals. CCBN and ICBA are the voice of community bankers on every important issue, including too-big-to-fail, maintaining the separation of banking and commerce, tax relief, streamlined regulation, bankruptcy reform, deposit insurance reform, agricultural issues, equal access to payment systems, and stopping unfair credit union expansion.

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