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CCBN membership gives community bankers and industry related organizations access to resources that support connectivity and success in the marketplace. Membership to the CCBN means each person in your institution can benefit from training, learning resources and peers that will help them grow professionally in an ever-changing, fast-paced world. Gain access to member only networking events and save with member discounts on products/services and our signature offerings:


Our education seminars are taught only by experts, priced for affordability, topical and relevant – these seminars are made to be useful and substantive. We build various education seminars, including lending, compliance, finance, risk management, technology and more!

  • Senior Lenders and Credit Officers
  • Call Report Preparation
  • BSA/AML Conference
  • CCBN Credit Analyst School
  • Directors Roundtable
  • Cyber Security/Data Intelligence
  • A Day with the Regulators
  • Commercial Lending School
  • Annual Top Banker Meeting

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​Thousands in Member Discounts:

  • Discount pricing for live seminars - $200 off each
  • Discount pricing for live schools and Annual Top
    Banker Meeting - $300 off each
  • Webinars at the discounted member rate - $100
    off each
  • Discount pricing from CCBN Preferred Service
    Providers (PSP) 


CCBN provides networking conference calls, educational events and socials for community banking C-Suite professionals that help foster peer-to-peer relationships and opportunities to discuss current events/trends in the marketplace.     

  • C-SUITE Conference Calls
  • C-SUITE Socials
  • Top Banker Panel​


We offer more than 150 webinars:

  • ACH Specialist Series
  • Board Reporting Series
  • Consumer Collection Series
  • C-Suite Series
  • IRA Series
  • Mortgage Lending Hot Spots Series
  • Regulation E Series
  • Teller Training Series


Closely coordinating with our top lobbyist in Sacramento and with ICBA in Washington D.C., the CCBN is an advocate for important community banking issues. CCBN and ICBA work on various issues including PPP loan forgiveness and changes, too-big-to-fail, maintaining the separation of banking and commerce, tax relief, streamlined regulation, bankruptcy reform, deposit insurance reform, agricultural issues, equal access to payment systems, and stopping unfair credit union expansion.


Another Added Benefit You Receive as a CCBN Member! Welcome to Bankers Helping Bankers!

CCBN is pleased to announce its participation in Bankers Helping Bankers, an exclusive online platform that promotes community and innovation among community bankers across the country. Created by FedFis and the Independent Bankers Association of Texas, in collaboration with state community banking associations nationwide, this cutting-edge resource - for bankers only- will allow your bank greater connectivity and access to industry opportunities.

What is Bankers Helping Bankers?

  • Bankers Helping Bankers is a closed bankers-only network built for digital collaboration and education;
  • Includes a chat function where you can interact with peers on your same core, as well as bankers in your state; and
  • FinTegration Strategist, a tool for bank technology road mapping that draws upon your bank’s current technology stack to lead you to integrated solutions running in others banks on your core platform.

A full tutorial video and feature overview of Bankers Helping Bankers can be found online here.

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Bankers Helping Bankers is a social community at its core. Its intelligence layer powers the community engagement, acting as a social engine. BHB achieves this data driven engagement in these key ways:



BHB personalizes the banks experience—recommendations, interactions, digital strategy and even discussions—by grouping banks’ discussions by topics, partners and peers. This is a new, elevated conversation based on information bankers haven’t had before.


Find your bank peers, view that community bank’s digital experience through its app(s), financial KPIs and call report financial KPIs.


All U.S. fintechs that provide a banking function (requires a sponsor bank) are included in the database. It is the only directory built by data, which ensures completeness. Search all of a fintech’s features and app store data (number of installs, age of app and ratings, and view the digital experience of the fintech).


BHB offers a definitive list of vendors with at least one live bank install.Learn where vendors serve their customers best by asset size and financial KPIs of their install base.


The technology selection process for community banks has long been broken. Community bankers need vendors that integrate with a bank’s current technology and pass the regulatory hurdle of “three live installs.” Using AI algorithms, FinTegration Strategist precisely defines your recommended product shortlist.

Get data-driven education and thought leadership to stay on top of news, industry trends and cutting-edge innovations