CCBN Board of Directors

Board of Directors

  • Andy Ryback
    Andy Ryback
    President & CEO Plumas Bank (916)215-2345
    CCBN Chairman
  • Kevin Farrenkopf
    Kevin Farrenkopf
    CEO HCN Bank (949)637-0757
    CCBN Secretary
  • Gene Micco
    Gene Micco
    President & CEO Tustin Community Bank (714)730-5662
    CCBN Past Chairman
  • Ms. Tamara Gurney
    Ms. Tamara Gurney
    President & CEO Mission Valley Bank
    CCBN Director
  • Bill Trezza
    Bill Trezza
    Director BAC Community Bank (209)473-6813
    CCBN Director
  • Jeff DeVine
    Jeff DeVine
    President & CEO American Riviera Bank (805)965-5942
    CCBN Director
  • Gary Findley
    Gary Findley
    President Gary Findley & Associates (714)630-6195
    CCBN Director
  • Jennifer Budwig
    Jennifer Budwig
    Acting President/CEO Redwood Capital Bank (707)444-9800
    CCBN Director
  • Dan Yates
    Dan Yates
    CEO Endeavor Bank
    CCBN Director
  • Ruth Razook
    Ruth Razook
    Founder/CEO RLR Management Consulting, Inc. (760)200-4800
    CCBN Director
  • David Heald
    David Heald
    Former Director
    CCBN Director
  • Stacy Watkins
    Stacy Watkins
    President & CEO Lexicon Bank (702)780-7700
    CCBN Director
  • Janet Silveria
    Janet Silveria
    President & CEO Community Bank of Santa Maria (805)922-2900
    CCBN Director
  • Jeff Finck
    Jeff Finck
    Executive Chairman Cornerstone Community Bank (530)529-1222
    CCBN Director