Connect to Vendors & Peers with True Digital

CCBN News/Resources,

As part of CCBN’s efforts to expand community bank resources and relationships, we'd like to introduce you to True Digital, an organization that helps bankers easily build, use and adopt technology to better serve customers and communities.

True Digital is an exclusive vendor tool designed specifically for bankers, and already in use by several community banks like yours. This platform facilitates seamless product and vendor exploration and provides intuitive avenues for connecting with peers, whether for discovery, troubleshooting, implementation assistance, or ongoing monitoring of existing vendors.

  • The True Digital platform is only accessible by bankers, and all information is member verified (no pay-to-play by vendors and no reselling of the data).
  • True Digital cleanses and categorizes your vendor list, identifying potential redundancies within your technology stack.
  • The platform has over 300 unique categories and goals to discover vendors, as well as understand what banks use them, which integrations exist, and connect with peers.

Through our partnership with them, and upon your bank joining the True Digital Platform (if you haven’t already), you’ll have unrestricted access to the CCBN Association Network within their tool. This will provide you with additional insights to your CCBN peers, as well as vendor partners of ours.

To learn more contact Avery Geehr, ; 904-422-7704.